Getting Started at MASA


 At MASA we offer a truly unique "getting started" process. 

For just $25.00 you will have the opportunity to experience private time with MASA's Head Instructor - Ray Sargeant (South Australia's only true Moo Duk Kwan Master), where you will learn about the best MASA program to suit you and your child/ren. You will participate on a private School Tour to assist in getting to know both the school layout as well as to get to know the way that we interact and create a positive connection between 'students and instructor'.

This is also a great opportunity to be educated on the Martial Arts protocol & respect in areas such as when and how to bow correctly, where shoes are not permitted and how to greet your instructor using the correct traditional process. In addition, this is the perfect way to ease your child/ren into our school in a more relaxed & fun environment.

During the assessment process the student (candidate) will work with Master Sargeant who will assist them through a series of structured skills and techniques to establish the students current level of focus, listening, confidence and basic physical skills as well as their ability to interact and communicate within the learning process in one of our word class training rooms. On completion of this process, the student and family members will have a further opportunity for Q&A to ensure that all areas have been addressed. This way you will understand all that is required in getting started and if becoming a Martial Artist with MASA is the right fit for you and your child.

We are looking for families that understand that learning needs be balanced and fun but that there are also consequences for each and ever choice that we make! We aim to work with your child as a team to guide children on the Martial Arts journey.

You will see that we have specialised programs for ages starting at 3.5 years through to Adults at MASA.

3-4 years - Little Ninja Gym

5-6 years - Mighty Dragonz

7-9 years - Future Leaderz

10-14 years - Leaderz

15 years - Adults 


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