Head Instructor


Ray Sargeant - Head Instructor with daughter #2, 2011.


My team and I strive to provide the highest level of customer service to all our members at all times, while delivering safe, enjoyable and structured training curriculums based on my 32 years experience.

We are proudly South Australia's only Martial Arts Facility providing a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our training programs, providing our members with peace of mind, while ensuring we continually strive to improve.


With well over 350 students in our care we are leading the way in developing confident, self motivated students in a non-competitive, non-aggressive environment based on positive reinforcement, to improve focus & respect as well as my favourite, responsibility. I believe that future success in the "game of life" requires a solid grounding to enhance self-esteem through personal achievement, but also requires guidance (away) from using aggression to show their feelings. There is now clear scientific evidence available, which confirms my belief that modern (Competitive) Taekwondo actually increases aggression, which is why our school follows a truly traditional system with strong moral values, consistent and well balanced discipline with care and respect for everyone.

It is this philosophy together with our focus on the social, emotional, intellectual & physical attributes that our programs provide for, which have positioned Martial Arts SA and the MASA Kidz Club (TM) as Adelaide's most highly regarded learning facilities for developing strong life skills in Adults, Children and the Youth alike.


Contact us today and make an appointment to speak to one of our experienced team members or simply book in for your motivational introduction and watch yourself or your child achieve, one step at a time. Guaranteed!

Sincerely, Ray Sargeant.