Centre Facilities



MASA Pro-shop

From first impressions the centre provides the potential client with a relaxed yet professional environment. A large lounge/waiting area provides members and Parents with the perfect relaxing coffee spot with a large flat sceen link to both training rooms allowing the day’s training sessions to be observed without distracting the students.

The MASA Pro-shop provides a great display of MASA & Moo Duk Kwan uniforms with a Super Modern display of Martial Arts Street ware for those Birthday and Christmas gift ideas.

Change rooms are positioned to service both training rooms and continue to display a design concept to bring the traditional to the modern, with the use of stone floor tiles and timber and a minimalist layout and colour tones. Large shower cubicles and serviced toilets provide a luxury feel designed to compliment the whole environment.

Change rooms

5 Star Change room facilities.


Emerging with shoes neatly discarded and with uniforms on, members head to their scheduled training rooms which are well designed and fitted. On approaching training room #1 (The main Dojang) you are greeted by a set of incredible antique temple doors of some 100+ years of age. Pausing at the awesome hand crafted feature before proceeding into the 216sq/metre Dojang continues to be a focal point of visitors.

Training Room 1

The Dojang with high quality safety matting together with a traditional concept design of graphics, images and lighting assists members in developing concentration and focus on their training goals.

Training Room 2

For the younger sibling there is also a little tots play area set out with all the trimmings to entertain, including their very own Spider Man Television/DVD player. The perfect place for the kids to play, draw and explore in comfort and safety while Mum and Dad relax in the coffee lounge. All is extremely well thought out to ensure that everyone has a unique experience at the MASA Kidz Club.

Fun for all the children - even those not in class!

Congratulations to Ray and Tammy Sargeant on their person devotion to providing this high class training venue.

Voted #1

J  Pagano

Martial Arts Org.

California USA