Junior Leadership Program 10-14 years


Achievement through a positive promotion!

2009 has brought with it New direction for the ''Teen Program', Now know as the Junior Leadership Program. This is the first point that juniors at Martial Arts SA (MASA) will have the Opportunity to step into the training curriculum of the World Moo Duk Kwan. This is a serious step forward for these young people who have demonstrated the responsibility required for selection as Leaders on a consistent basis.

Students train with higher intensity due to the extent of the areas covered, which includes the Traditional Bo Staff, throwing & take down skills as well as advanced self defence techniques that Adult Seniors practice. A strict level of discipline ensures that students respect not only each other, but the techniques themselves.

The program was first launched during mid 2008 and has grown from a hand full to an awesome, energetic and mature group of some 30 students. Students are individually selected to attend the class, based not only on age or rank but on attitude, motivation and a personal desire to achieve. Instructor's work with ALL our juniors to develop the Positive Attitude they need to prepare for this step-up. It is an exciting new step towards being the best they can be and we are Proud to be Adelaide's Only Academy with such a program!

Parents can also be apart of this move by providing ongoing encouragement and congratulations to their child when they talk about their achievements at our Academy as well as continuing to emphasize the importance of commitment, not only at training but in life skills and values overall.

"If we as adults are positive and confident it has to rub off."

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