Future Leaderz 7 to 9 years



Challenging and encouraging success!


Martial Arts with Ray Sargeant and his team, has been a challenging but very rewarding experience for Alexander over the past three years and he has learnt many valuable concepts, values and life skills. Amongst other things it has developed his discipline, respect, commitment, focus, endurance and I hope he continues to use the information and skills that he has learnt, wisely. Thank you to Ray and Tammy for their amazing dedication to their students and their team,

Thank you, Christina 

Greater confidence through achievement

Through regular rewards for achievement each members confidence grows rapidly improving self-esteem. Juniors are encouraged to try new skills in the group environment and with positive reinforcement from their instructors learn that mistakes are an OK part of achievement.

Improved coordination!

A small step can become a hugh jump in confidence!

Our unique Future Leaderz martial arts program provides the 7-9 age group with age-specific skills to improve both Character through choices, Co-ordination and Motor skills through active participation and self esteem through working with a positive peer group environment. Skills range from balance to more complex or defensive techniques that are designed and used in a fun and progressive manner as the members grow and improve.

Future Leaders focus on instructions!

Challenging rewards program!

Another of our unique aspects is our junior rewards program tailored specifically to each age-specific group. Developed in conjunction with the positive reinforcement provided by our professional staff, members progress through a structured system designed to encourage goal setting, personal choices and focus.

Fast moving, balanced learning!

We strive to provide all members with a balanced program creating a positive experience with each and every class. This is achieved by allowing members time to move fast, time to think well and time to reflect on their progress while developing a sense of team work with new friends on common goals.

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See the development in your child through:

- The power of commitment

- Improved focus

- Greater self-esteem

- Positive teaching of traditional values

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