Mighty Dragonz 5 to 6 years

  Could your child benefit from improving their focus and listening sk​ills?

From the very first class the new Mighty Dragonz will have a fun and exciting time while being guided closely by both the Senior and Junior Instructors! With a focus on basic movements and clear direction we aim to provide a comfortable transition to the exciting atmosphere unique to the MASA Kidz Club®. The Mighty Dragonz program is designed to present achievable challenges that provide a positive result and begin to build confidence, improve focus, listening and self-esteem in a uniquely disciplined environment that the children at this age thrive in.

FUN, Motor Skill Development!

The Mighty Dragonz program contains exciting routines that are both fun and challenging. The unique way that we present these routines and other skills is designed to produce clear results in motor skill development as well as working consistently to improve listening and concentration on the task at hand. This, as you are aware is a valuable area that this age group needs consistent work and reminding to develop. The students certainly develop their favourite routines, which are always a highlight, providing a great time to merge good energy use with concentration and self control!

How do we help this age group achieve all these benefits - Regular encouraging rewards!

One of our highly regarded and unique qualities is the MASA Kidz Club® rewards system. This reward system continues to be an ongoing development,  which started out as just a few star badges that the students were super excited to display on their uniforms! Over the past decade + the system has continued to develop to the stage that we built our own specific software system to manage everything so that nothing was left to chance, since the Students become extremely devoted to achieving their badges and remember everything! Students quickly become more focussed, disciplined and motivated in making great choices, which are positive building blocks to confidence and what we call "Black Belt Attitude"!

The Mighty Dragonz program takes full advantage of this awesome motivational achievement system and together with the positive reinforcement provided by Parents and our Instructor Team, the Mighty Dragonz will successfully progress through their specific 'belt system' over several years towards their Dragon Blackbelt before taking on the Future Leaderz Challenge from the age of 7 years!