Mighty Dragonz 5 to 6 years

Could your child benefit from improving their focus and listening skills?

From the first class the new Mighty Dragonz have the assistance of the instructor team close at hand. With a focus on basic movements, lots of clear guidance provides a comfortable transition to the new environment together with the fun and exciting atmosphere unique to MASA. The kids martial arts classes are designed to apply challenges that provide a positive result and begin to build confidence, improve focus, listening and self-esteem in a uniquely disciplined environment that the children at this age thrive in!

Learning to focus!

Fun motor skill development!

Within our MASA Mighty Dragonz training program exists exciting routines that are both fun and challenging. These are designed to produce clear results in motor skills development as well as working to improve listening and concentration. These routines are always a highlight of training sessions providing a great time to merge energy use with concentration and self control. 

Regular rewards for encouragement!

One of our highly regarded and unique qualities is our MASA rewards program. Developed in conjunction with the positive reinforcement provided by our professional team, junior members progress through a structured training system designed to encourage goal setting and focus, while "role-modelling" a positive attitude towards achievement and doing our best each day.

Fast moving, balanced learning!

We strive to provide all members with a balanced program creating a positive, fun experience with each and every class. This is achieved by allowing members time to move fast, time to think well while practicing skills and time to enjoy their progress.

You can see the listening improving.

See the development in your child through:

- the power of improved focus- greater self-esteem- positive teaching of family values!

Come and see why our programs are valued by so many families. 

No obligation, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

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