Leadership & Youth Ambassador program

The MASA Kidz Club is built on the goal of developing youth leaders using the strong discipline and value system that continues to position MASA as a Global Leader in Age-Specific Martial Arts Programs.

Children as young as 8 years have entered the MASA Youth Leadership program, which is specifically dedicated to delivering professional Mentoring to guide the students to also become great leaderz at MASA.

Several of the senior Leadership Students have advanced their personal and professional skills in areas such as Personal Relations, Administration, Working with technology, working with systems and developing student instructional skills to a level that has now been rewarded with employment opportunities and they too are supporting the newer leadership members!

In November 2016, our Head Instructor, Master Ray Sargeant travelled to San Diego, California with our newly nominated Youth Ambassador, Mr S Ossowicz (16 years old). They visited and conduct classes at the Miramar Martial Arts Studio for 4 days before attending the World Moo Duk Kwan's Moments with the Masters for another 20 hours of training with many senior Master's and the Kwan Jang Nim H. C. Hwang in Ramona. A Martial Arts trip of a life time for a very promising young man, as well as a great motivation and incentive for our many other potential youth leaders in the future!

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Our children aged 8 (boy) and 6 (girl) have been members at MASA since they were 5. We have been very impressed with the professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm and positive values that MASA continually offers.

The centre is full of inspirational role models.

Ray has helped our son in particular to gain self confidence, respect and belief in himself.  We can’t thank Ray enough for his dedication in helping our son get through some very difficult times.

As well as learning self defence the children have also learnt about focus, discipline, having a positive attitude and respect just to name a few.  MASA members learn to be leaders not followers. The positive values MASA teaches and demonstrates will stay with the children for a lifetime.

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