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"Where Success is measured in Smiles!"

Although our school was opened in January 2000, the MASA Kidz Club(TM) was established during late 2010 to provide a more structured way of producing measurable & positive results from our Martial Arts children. After many years following the "normal" way of training children, we decided that there had to be a better way! We had to break the mould and start again!

As the MASA founders, Tammy and I (Ray Sargeant), "established what we wanted our students to achieve, conducted extensive research into child development, which provided us with a deeper foundation of knowledge into child development and then rebuilt our school curriculums from scratch. The outcome was the launch of the new,

MASA Kidz Club!

Could your child improve their chances of success in their life with more "Confidence to step forward and Achieve"?


These are of course benefits that all parents want for their children and with our MASA Kidz Club providing a fun and highly disciplined process, your child will develop in these areas consistently in a completely structured and disciplined program!

Our family loves Martial Arts SA


"Hi Ray and Tammy,

Thank you for an absolutely awesome birthday party! The feedback from kids and parents has been amazing with all Ray's “yes sirs” ringing in the parents ears for days afterwards!

Do you truly understand how brilliant you are with the kids?? My children look forward to every Martial Arts day of the week and come out of every class with a new level of success. Thank you!"

Deb and the Kids!

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Our students achieve more in the "Game of Life" because we care about their Personal Success and our unique 'Age Specific' programs deliver the positive results.

Our success is demonstrated through the success of our students.


Over confident children often display difficulty in focussing due to a lack in their social skills - our programs work to provide balance in this area.

Some children present as over confident, however their slower intellectual or emotional development can confuse the child so they don't know how to deal with their thoughts or feelings - our programs raise the bar in these areas and move to improve the students weaknesses without ridicule or building aggression.  As previously stated, our value based (non-sports fighting) programs actually reduce aggression and build well balanced, responsible members in our society.

"To learn not to fight is to build strength, self discipline and character!" 

Ray Sargeant SBN - Head Instructor MASA

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